This cape is the most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth. – From the journal of Sir Francis Drake, on seeing the Cape for the first time, 1580.

Scarborough, one of the biggest small places I have visited. – From the journal of my Mother-in-Law……possibly the same date.


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Our mission, is to provide Scarborough residents and visitors a one stop information shop. From, "What happened last week in the waves" to "Where can I find a plumber on a Sunday morning" to "When does the bin man come" to "What sound does a Cape Weaver make". Regular, informative updates will also be key to the success of the web site. Successful community web sites are those whose visitors return regularly. Scarborough-Babbon001   One cannot talk about Scarborough without mentioning the omni present, and hugely divisive Chacma Baboon. These magnificent creatures have entered the village, the hearts, the minds, the gardens, houses and fridges of most of Scarborough's residents. Now, the Baboon makes an appearance on the web site in not one place but two. For registered users of the web site, you will find a link to information regarding baboon management, reports, metrics and planning. For visitors, please read our public baboon pages for insight, advice and rules of engagement.
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Scarborough Restaurants

The Hub
Camel Rock
Whole Earth Cafe

Scarborough Western Cape is a small hamlet just north of Cape Point. Consisting of a few hundred houses, Scarborough is home to an ever growing number of residents and a large number of holiday homes. For many years, only one small shop served the residents and visitors. Scarborough can now lay claim to being a thriving metropolis with the recent opening of a second shop providing the community with home grown veggies and other organic items.What makes Scarborough special is the fact that this small village is nestled neatly between the Mountain reserve and the Beach reserve.


Its residents choose to live here because they all seek a similar way of life, distanced from the hustle and bustle of city and urban life, but close enough to the amenities provided by Sun Valley and Noordhoek.



Scarborough mountainside is home to fantastic Fynbos, plantlife found nowhere else in the world except the Western Cape. With some varieties existing only in very small areas around Cape Point.

Protea-001 Fynbos-Bush001Plate 1


Never far from the beach.

Living or visiting Scarborough is about being as close to the beach as possible.

A beach where surfing, people and wildlife all meet to make the most of perfection.



Nature at its best.



Sea Otters think so too!