In the sea: (Waves and Wind)

The Cape is one of the best places to surf – if you are not afraid of the cold that is. The great thing is that is that no matter what the conditions, you will find waves within an hour’s drive. The Cape Peninsula is also a very versatile surfing area offering anything from 40ft monsters at Dungeons to the gentle waves of Muizenberg that beginners and long-boarders love so much.
The Cape has such a wide range of surf spots that you are really spoilt for choice. On the False Bay side of the
peninsula you will find slightly warmer conditions, whereas the Atlantic side is cold even in summer due to the icy Benguela Current.

Around Cape Town you will find family beaches, rocky reef breaks that are dominated by the locals and if you have the luxury of surfing during the week you will find uncrowded waves with a tranquil mountain setting in the background.


3 spots to surf – the point break at
the south of the bay, the reef break in the middle
and another reef to the right (North). It has a
sandbar at the base of the point that, when
working, is an awesome ride. This is a great place to surf and away from the crowds.

Misty Cliffs(2.5 km):

Misty Cliffs is a formidable
surf spot when it works properly. Misty Cliffs is a
swell magnet and might be worth having a look
when other spots are too small. The surf comes at a price however. You have to clamber down an embankment
(and back up again). Its a similar wave to Witsands but less reliable and often closes out.

Witsands (4 km):

Featuring shifty sand-bottomed peaks, with rips and channels all over the place, Witsands is a
great surfing place with rips that tear across the bay during huge swells. There are many good peaks here and few crowds.

Kommetjie (9 km):

This is one of the most consistent spots on the Atlantic coast. The waves at Long Beach are
offshore in any of the prevailing Southerly winds. There is a permanent sandbar in the middle of the break so peaks break left and right. It can get crowded on the weekends. Best at mid to low tide. To the North is the open-ocean break called “Sunset”, a wedge shaped reef that only starts breaking at 3 to 4 meters and is rideable up to 10 meters.

Noordhoek (18 km):

An exposed reef break that has consistent surf. Winter is the favored time of year for surfing here. Offshore winds blow from the East. Reef breaks provide lefts and rights. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the ideal swell direction is from the Southwest. Best around mid tide. Sometimes crowded. Be careful of rips and rocks.

Olifantsbos (25 km):

Fantastic wave in the beautiful surrounds of the nature reserve. This is a rocky right point-break. Works on southeast winds and moderate to large west to southwest swell. Can get very long and powerful, especially during the winter months. Watch out for baboons!!

Muizenberg (25 km):

If you are a beginner or stuck without a car Surfers Corner in Muizenberg is the spot to
surf. The gentle waves of this False Bay family beach attract surfers of all ages and abilities. Muizenberg can get very busy on the weekends, but the atmosphere is quite relaxed. Surfers Corner is also very convenient as the many surf shops rent out boards and wetsuits. This is also a great place to go for a lesson at one of the surf schools. When the morning session woke your appetite you can walk out of the water into one of the bistros or cafes for some breakfast.

Dungeons(28 km):

The 15-30 foot swell at Dungeons breaks over a shallow reef on the sea-side of Hout Bay and
is accessible only by water craft. For the brave only (the new game in town is to body surf the monster). This place is classed as one of the world’s “big wave” venues.

Bloubergstrand (62 km):

This beach break past Table View is another favorite with beginners, but offers peaks for all levels of skill. If
it gets windy you might have to share with the kite boarders.

Kogelbaai(80 km):

This spot also known as Cool Bay is as great weekend away, especially in summer. The beauty of Kogelbaai is that it is sheltered from the Southeaster and there is a really nice camping site right on the beach. The tranquil Crystal Pools are within reach as well, If Cape Town is blown out by the Cape Doctor, this is the place to be!

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