On the Land: (Walking and Watching)

Cape Town is surrounded by majestic mountain
ranges and wilderness area that is world renowned
for it’s beauty and diversity, with excellent hiking
trails that criss-cross through indigenous fynbos
flora and natural forests, making it one the most
ideal cities in the world for adventure hiking.
These are walks and hikes that will take you past
fresh water streams and waterfalls, up and down
valleys, to dams and picnic spots, all with
breathtaking scenery and views of the Cape
peninsula. The Mountain is there for everyone to
benefit from. There are walking trails, hiking trails,
rock climbing faces, mountain biking trails… and
everything else you would expect. All that is
required of you is to enjoy what this incredible
landscape has to offer, whilst respecting this natural environment.
from Zensa Lodge

Redhill Footpath Hiking Trail(5 hrs):

This beautiful hike starts at Scarborough Conservation Village. It is a
very remote area with beautiful views. It takes you past Kleinplaas Dam and then to Slangkop and ends at Blue Water Estate in Imhoff’s Gift. It is a moderate hike and permits are available at Mickey’s Mousetrap in Scarborough.
Average duration is five hours


Echo Valley – Silvermine to Boyes Drive (2-2.5 hrs)(19 km):
The Echo Valley hike is a fantastic
walk that will take you through undulating terrain in the
Silvermine Nature Reserve. You will need to leave one
36 for more information or reservations please contact Cyrille or Hein
car at the end point on Boyes Drive and then drive to the start at Silvermine. Once the lifts have been organized
you can concentrate on the amazing views and the natural beauty of the fauna and flora along the walk. After
climbing up and over the Ridge peak you will start to head down into Echo Valley.
The walk will take you onto a wooden boardwalk which winds its way through the small forest. Exiting the forest you
will begin to see views of False Bay and the quaint Kalk Bay harbor with its colorful fishing boats. The walks ends on
Boyes Drive but a great way to end you hike is to visit the Kalk Bay Town below.
Hole-in-the-Wall and Caveman’s Overhang (6 hrs)(19 km):
The Hole-in-the-Wall was “designed” by
Dave and Phyllis Carter and party in 1982, while Caveman’s Overhang was resurrected by Cyril Roberts, in 1975.
Start from the north end of the De Villiers reservoir wall. There are many ways to reach this part of the mountain:
from Constantia Nek along the mule track and concrete road, up Cecilia Ridge, or further afield from Nursery
Ravine. A
t one time, we hiker’s could cross De Villiers
reservoir dam wall until TMNP took away the wooden
bridge and didn’t replace it, making it tricky to cross the
These routes are not difficult but beware of falling into
holes and crevices. It’s compulsory for first-time
initiatives to climb through the ‘hole’.