With Scarborough being somewhat isolated from the rest of the Cape Town City Suburbs, our community relies heavily on residents for first response in many cases.  With this in mind, residents have created communities that are organised funded and managed by local volunteers.

Scarborough boasts its own first response fire team, its own highly active neighborhood watch, its own school and many volunteer outreach programs designed to help and and support neighboring communities that are financially less fortunate.


The SMCFS. – Our volunteer fire prevention and response service.

So often, the brave volunteers put their lives at risk being first respondents to a fire alarm.  Please volunteer and support the SMCFS.

Keepers – Our volunteer neighborhood watch program. Email Keepers for info on how to volunteer.

Outreach programs.

Could somebody please help me by identifying the outreach programs currently hosted by/in Scarborough.

Ratepayers Association

Could somebody please help me by identifying the ongoing work done by the SRRA