FW: [WordPress.org Forums] Stripping off Mailchimp Footer

Kind Regards Jeremy Kornblum 021 6744776 076 5924413 —–Original Message—– From: WordPress.org [mailto:noreply@wordpress.org] Sent: 05 October 2015 19:09 To: jeremyk@fast.demon.co.uk Subject: [WordPress.org Forums] Stripping off Mailchimp Footer Wayne Allen wrote: This is the filter you want: http://postieplugin.com/postie_post_before/ There is an example on the page. The $post variable is an array with the contents in $post[‘post_content’]. You need to do something like: add_filter('postie_post_before', 'my_postie_post_before'); function my_postie_post_before($post) { $post['post_content'] = mymagicfunctiontoremovethefooter($post['post_content']); return $post; } Read this post on the forums: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/stripping-off-mailchimp-footer?replies=6#post-7507230 You’re getting this email because you subscribed to ‘Stripping off Mailchimp Footer.’ Please click the link above, login, and click ‘Unsubscribe’ at the top of the page to stop receiving emails from this topic.

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