Invasive species and your responsibilities as a landowner

Invasive Species and your responsibilities as a Landowner

As a land-owner, it is your responsibility to manage any invasive species on your property.

Land-owners are required to control any listed invasive species growing on their property. Failure to do can result in a fine and/or the work being done by the authorities at the expense and risk of the land-owner. This includes and necessary follow-up clearing as well as any fire-related activity required to deal with the cleared biomass.

You are invited to attend the Far South Invasive Species Forum meeting. At this meeting, experts will explain how the NEMBA Alien and Invasive Species Regulations affect you.

Your invitation to the Far South Invasive Species Forum

Tuesday 13 October, 2015
Venue: Fish Hoek Community Hall, Recreation Road Fish Hoek
Time:  10h30 – 12h30


 Why should you be interested?

*   The National Invasive Species List comprises 559 invasive species in 4 categories.
*   Invasive species are now regarded as a liability and must be identified before the sale of any property.  
*   Permits are now required for 118 Category 2 invasive species.
*   The City of Cape Town as an organ of state, has to by law create an invasive species management plan, by 1 October 2016. 

How does this plan affect private landowners?

To find out more, join us for the Far South Invasive Species Forum meeting.  If there is anyone in the Far South that you believe should also attend this forum, please pass on this invitation or send us their email address and we will invite them.

Please find attached:
·         A forum agenda
·         Map showing the MOTH hall, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek
·         Fact sheet – Do the NEMBA Regulations affect you?

Enquiries: Chris-Zelda Brand: 021 444 2357 or” >


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