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Roadside flowers around Scarborough

Roadside flowers are everywhere at the moment around Scarborough, thanks to the earlier wildfires. Here are the 1000+ species from our area whittled down to 5 eye-catching ones that can easily be appreciated from behind the steering wheel while doing errands.

If any others catch your eye and you’d like them identified, you’re welcome to email cell phone pics to or post to the Scarborough Wildlife Telegram group

Satyrium carneum (Waxy Satyr Orchid) – one of our largest orchids often and grows right on the roadside, watch especially on Red Hill, Glencairn expressway and the bends near the top of Ou Kaapse Weg.

Rafnia triflora (Three-flower Rafnia / Soft Widowpea) – despite the name, each plant may have over 2000 pea-like flowers that are adapted to carpenter ("bumble") bee pollination

Pelargonium cucullatum (Wildemalva/ Hooded-leaf Pelargonium) – grows here in abundance and completely wild, even though it is one of the Cape’s most famous horticultural exports since 1690.

Leucospermum conocarpodendron (Common Tree Pincushion) – seeds covered in a waxy substance that entices ants to bury them in their underground nest from where they germinate after fires.

Senecio rigidus (Rough Ragwort) – thousands of insects gather on their clusters of flat-topped daisy flowerheads

Callan Cohen

Attack by 2 Pit-bulls on Scarborough Beach

On Sunday, 8 October, our dog Lulah was attacked and badly injured by 2 pitbulls on the beach. The incident was a scary and extremely traumatic one, and something that we feel all Scarborough dog owners and families with young children should be aware of. Please see the attachment for more info.

Finding My Voice Retreat,  4-5 Nov

This 2 day retreat in Noordhoek is an opportunity to explore your voice in speaking, sounding and singing. Many of us have blocks in our throats…. we stop ourselves from speaking our truth and expressing ourselves authentically. Through working with Mindfulness we will access our bodies and learn to listen and connect with our voices.

Led by Annika Nicol –  a Clinical Psychologist and musician also trained as a Mindfulness Psychotherapist in the UK.

Weekend retreat ..

.. happening 17-19 Nov on a farm in the Overberg region: Hearth and Soul Eco Farm & Retreat, Stanford.
For more info:
Gail Schoemann:,  083 272 3421

Yoga schedule for November @ healingartstudio, Duiker road

Monday and Thursday evenings :  6pm – 7.10 pm
Tuesday and Thursday mornings: 8.30 am – 9.40 am.
Cost : R80 drop in or R300 for 5 x classes
To book or enquire, please contact
Elaine:  021 780 1131,  083 364 6237,,

Accomodation needed

Long term rental – A lovely responsible and mature married couple with a 12 year old son, looking for long term (any time period over 4 months)  home to rent. They used to rent in Noordhoek but the house has been sold. They would like to pay R8,000 / month and they would contribute to the Scarborough community.
Christopher:  072 179 6196. For a reference, please contact Daniella and Anthony:  060 344 0002

House / flat – early December until Christmas – I am currently living in Scarb but have to move out end of November – urgently looking for an affordable place to stay for the first 3 weeks of December by myself – easy going, early 30 and mostly out in nature or cooking. Hence perfect tenant or house sitter 😉 please get in touch
Jennifer Miksch:

Accomodation available

Flat in Fish Hoek – Highway road. Two bedrooms, lounge etc. The Flat is below the upstairs main house. Parking  and prepaid Elec. Small garden. Preferable long term tenant with no dogs. ( maybe VERY small dog!). If interested, contact

For sale / for free

Jeep Cherokee Rim/Tyre 235/70 16” – Rim almost new
Armin Toepfer:,  071 280 4561


Small key with dragon key ring – on the path in the wetland plot near Tony’s caravan.
Leanne:  082 489 8887,

Healer Workshop 3 – 5 November

This highly recommended 3 day Healer workshop will be hosted by Peter M von Maltitz. He is  a tradition healer (Igqhira) and botanist of note. The point of this workshop is to get you to see your mission in life ( your destiny or dharma) and where you can best do it. To get there you have to develop humility, courage, strength and commitment. Then it will be possible to look at your hurts without becoming re-traumatized and change the contract that binds you to your fate or karma.

1. Stabilizing the body – homeopathy – release from delusions. Delusion that we are our senses.
2. Clearing the psychic disturbances. Delusion that we are what we feel.
3. Strengthening the energy flow – Thinking. The delusion that we own power.
4. Separation of centre of observation from your body. Focus. Inspiration. Delusion that we only exist in relation to our outer body.
5. Journey of investigation into other worlds. Withdrawal of our attention from the outer sense world.
6. Going into the underworld Concentration
7. Going to the upper world and having a conversation with the beings there. Meditation.
8. Getting behind the worlds. Samadhi (state of all consiousness). (and more this just covers the jist of it!)
Please make a booking to come.
Maximum of 10 new workers per workshop so please cancel if you see you can't come so as to make your place available to others.

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