Scarboroughmail: 400 new houses in Kommetjie? Not if we can help it!

What is happening on Wednesday?

Kommetjie Ratepayers and Residents Association’s (KRRA) will have its application in court against the City of Cape Town heard on Wednesday. KRRA is asking the court to review the recent approvals of new property developments in our area, and to set them aside.  The KRRA will contend that these approvals were done with undue haste, and without proper thought to the consequences to existing residents.  Sadly, the Council has failed to respond to the concerns raised by our neighbours in a meaningful way.

Why does this matter to us in Scarborough?

The intended developments stand to contribute around 400 new residential units to Kommetjie alone, if matters are simply left to take their course.  This will increase the number of existing units by almost 40% within the space of a few years.  It also means around 600 more cars joining the current traffic flow.  While the current road-works will provide interim relief, the proposed new developments are likely to swell traffic volumes way beyond the carrying capacity of our roads.  Needless to say, residents of Scarborough and Misty Cliffs will be facing the same consequences for years to come, not only on Kommetjie Road, but also elsewhere in the Southern Peninsula.

What can we do?

The KRRA has already incurred considerable costs on litigation in order to bring this matter to court, and still need to raise approximately R 200 000 in order to see it through to its conclusion.  This is where we, as residents of Scarborough and Misty Cliffs, can help our neighbours in taking on the Council.  Let’s get behind their action, not only by cheering but also by showing our tangible support!  The aim is to make a meaningful lump-sum contribution via the Scarborough Ratepayers and Residents Association.

Please use the following particulars for doing electronic fund transfers:

Account holder: SRRA
Bank:                 ABSA
Branch code:     63200500
Account:            113236639
Reference:         KRRA + your name, or “Anonymous”, if you prefer

Let’s show them!

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