Scarboroughmail: A plea to all residents and visitors!

Dear Home Owners, Residents and Visitors to Scarborough

With the upcoming holiday season upon us, we are kindly asking everyone – whether a permanent resident or a visitor – to please pull together and make note of the following points that will help to keep our village the beautiful and peaceful place we all love. 

This is especially a request to owners of guest-houses/Airbnb establishments to ensure that this information is given to their guests at the time of booking and again reinforced through their managers upon arrival of the guests.


Make sure everyone knows that it is TUESDAYS when our bins are emptied of rubbish (closed black bags and closed clear recycling bags). Bins must be locked and clipped as per the attached flyer. On mountainous roads where the large compactor truck cannot access, bins must be attached to a tree or a pole to avoid them being knocked over. On all other roads they must be lain down flat with the locks down. 
We have to avoid baboons getting into our rubbish! The attached flyer should be noted and placed in all homes. We have ample stock of these and will also place copies in The Hub Café, Camel Rock and The Whole Earth Café.


In order to help maintain views of our beautiful night skies please make sure that light pollution is kept to a minimum. Outside lights should face down, if they are at all required and indoor lights don’t really need to be that bright that they block out the constellations above us.


Yes, “tis the season to be merry” but please remember that sound carries far and everyone has their own idea of what is good music and fun and games. Let’s respect our neighbours and keep an eye on the clock. 23h00 is a reasonable time to tone it down. If you are going to have a BIG party – it’s only polite to warn your neighbours.


It’s now common knowledge that we have a severe drought in the region. Please, please never forget to SAVE EVERY DROP according to the Level 5 Restrictions in place and the even stricter Level 6 Restrictions commencing on 1 January 2018.

With warmest of thanks
Elena Da Cruz, Gloria Zimmermann, Fran Gebhardt

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