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Thanks ..

To everyone who kept our village so safe – thank you, thank you very much. We  appreciate you and your hard work enormously –  the fire fighters who went out at night for hours directly fighting the huge fires, monitors constantly on alert for flares, communicators, organisers, transporters of hoses and equipment as well as people making food and tea/coffees.
Anthony France and Claire Breen

Thank you all the fire fighters and volunteers for protecting Scarborough last night.
Steve and Jules

Farmhouse Rocks – Freshly Ground & Mazula – Sat 11th NOV 2017

It looks we have survived the terrible fires … So, join the dancing on the farm with Freshly Ground and Mazula, a great show not to be missed!
Family Friendly, get your tickets here:
Redhill Young Stars Football Club – Goal Keeper Training in Athlone

A few months ago, Scarborough community unlocked the abilities of the Redhill based, youth focused, football club to join the South Africa Football Association as well as purchasing foot balls, training tools and team kit. Under the watchful eye of Eric Dyasi they have continued to improve there skills in the shade of the pine trees with renewed vigor and excitment having also participated in a few local of games supported by there local football league called 2 Oceans. So the club is slowly growing but they still face numerous challenges.

The biggest challenge is transport. To address this we are putting a crowd funding campaign together through the Sportfunder platform to initiate a more sustainable fundraising mechanism.  

In the mean time the club, specifically the under 10, 12 and 14 members, has been invited to Athlone stadium every Saturday till the end of the year (9 December – 6 trips) for Goal Keeper training with the Ajax Soccer Academy.

This requires R700.00 per trip x 6 trips = R4200.00
Your support financial support no matter how big or small would be greatly appreciated.
You can iether
1. Bring cash in an envelop to Foragers and leave it with the manager Nikita
2. We have opened a bank account and you are welcome to make a deposit emailing Ivan (  with the proof of payment for management purposes (Bank: Capitec, Account Name: Redhill Young Stars Football Club, Account Number: 1532002872)
Ivan Groenhof

Re:  Dog attack on Scarborough beach

I was shocked  appalled after reading about the recent attack on Scarborough beach by the two pitbulls ( or staffies ?)  on Gwens dog Lulah on 08 October…  After seeing the photos of the injuries this poor animal sustained, It is my opinion that this incident is inexcusable and we as a community need to stand together and do something about it so that it never happens again:  because next time it could be your dog , or even worse, your child. Some things that come to mind :
-Has this incident been reported to the SPCA or animal control ? maybe they can advise on how to proceed?
-has it been reported to the police ? charges been laid against Wade Hookham the owner of the two dogs?
– What about contacting a Lawyer ?
– and as a last resort : Social media ?
I really believe that this is a very serious issue and must be taken further … if there are legal or other costs involved it should be shared by the Scarborough community …  as it affects us all ….
Gordon Fry

Regarding the pit bull matter, my beloved Yorkie was killed in Scarborough two years ago by a pit bull and no responsibility was taken by the owner for what happened. I now have a new yorkie and a few times I have had to snatch him into my arms to avoid him getting bitten.
I have decided to get myself a shock stick and any dog that comes near me and my dog in even a slightly threatening manner, will be tasered, unfortunately I have to protect myself and my dog.  So please, if you know your dog has even mildly aggressive tendencies, keep it leashed.
Sharon Walter

Pit bulls are dangerous dogs . In france they are considered as weapons. So owners are legally responsible of the acts of their dogs. In south africa it seems different . In scarborough even more . I wonder .. As their are signs on every corner of the beach saying dog must be kept in lead .
But .they are all freely runing on the beach . So of course they fight together. Of course the bite people . Of course one day a kid will be bitten by one . We allready have a few examples. Is scarborough so special we need to have a kid killed by a dog to realise! It is our fault as we dont control our dogs .
Sebastien Harinkouck

Grey Water and Rain Water

I'm sure this has been "over discussed", but we have missed it. Can anyone kindly recommend a competent person not too expensive to install grey water and rain catching systems. Hopefully someone who has done this work in our village. Thanks very much
Steve and Shelley Eppel:

Balance Natural Health Clinic
What is Live Blood Analysis?  It is the microscopic evaluation of a live blood sample to assess a person's general health and nutritional status. It involves a single (relatively pain-free) finger prick. The sample is then placed immediately under the microscope for thorough analysis. The microscopic view is projected onto a monitor in real-time and all findings are pointed out clearly and discussed during the consultation. Various imbalances can be identified: nutrient deficiencies, immune weakness, hydration levels, pH imbalance, digestive imbalance, liver stress, toxicity, candida, parasites, and more…

Recommendations for diet, supplements and natural medicine will conclude the session. For more info, or to book a consultation, please contact:
Heinrich le Roux:  071 869 3715,


Apartment in the City center during the holidays – for rent – as we will be spending most of our time in Scarborough.
Singita Weston:

My husband and I are looking for a house to rent in Scarborough. Our budget is up to R20,000 per month. Ideally we’re looking for a long term rental (furnished or unfurnished). Alternatively we could take a 3 month rental from 15 December to 15 March. It is just the two of us, no children, no pets. We own our own business and can provide excellent references.
Jessika Munnell:


A cot – for three months for some visitors. Please contact me at
Jonathan Kingston:  083 691 9019,  021 780 1999.

A baby cot for rent 1-12 December

For Sale

Doggie Kennel – Medium-Large Wooden Doggie Kennel with waterproof roof and sides – EXCELLENT CONDITION ! 70 cm front, 90 cm side and 90 cm height. R 650  only (bought it for R 850) or nearest offer.
Lily Godden:  061 067 4433,

Wooden High Chair – Great condition – R350
Lily Godden: 061 067 4433,

2018 Terms and Fees for Sunflower Community School

Dear Villagers, We are enclosing the new fees and term dates for 2018 for parents to be and we would like to share a few titbits of news with you too on this occasion.

The Sunflower School, students and teachers are enjoying a beautiful term, seeing the introduction of a rain tank and new curtains around the play area in the hall, both initiatives from the parents, some of which are acting on the NPO's committee.
The rain tank will allow us to continue water play in the sand pit during the dry drought months and to water our garden. Thanks Andrea and family!
The Sunflower Family Party at the Camel Rock was a great success, seeing the kids young and older having a disco party on the stage and delicious foods and Sunflower face paints galore in the garden. A big thanks to the Camel Rock, the organisers at the preschool, and all the guests. We raised R8000 thanks to all your support.
Our Sunflower Seeds are still for sale at the three shops in the village, until stocks last. Another little project to keep the funds rolling in.

These funds are important for us to continue keeping the school open year after year, as we normally experience a dip at the beginning of the year when our students move on to new horizons.  Having flourished with Teacher Karen and Nwabisa, they move on to join other school in the area, such as Imhoff Waldorf (our sister school, where we have preferential admission in Kindergarten) or another preprimary… as the school is for children from 2 to 5 years old.
At the end of this year our sponsored student Kamo will go to Grade R making space for a new candidate for sponsorship. We have not yet made a final decision so if you are interested or would like to suggest a child please contact Liz or Annika on Please bear in mind that the child must have somewhere to stay after 12pm, as the school times are from 8 to 12.

At the end of the term, we will celebrate our Christmas Festival, when the children all gather in a the beautifully decorated classroom to celebrate Nativity in the Waldorf Way and will take away the beautifully natural crafts that they have been concentrating on this term.

Please do come to meet to Karen at the school or give her a call on 073 674 0009 if you want to find out more about the school and the Waldorf Curriculum.
We also have a facebook page called Sunflower Community Preschool

Blooming spring greetings, from the Sunflower Community Preschool!!!

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