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​​Cool place for gifts

It used to be a cow shed
But now it’s called RED ROCK
We travelled ‘round the continent
And filled the shop with stock
From bushmen woven baskets
And sheafed knives for the boys
There’s loads of lovely jewellery
And funky little toys
We’re only 3 k’s down the road
And parking is for FREE
And after you have finished
Go to the farmhouse for cake and tea

Open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm,  021 780 9129

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Bicycle RENTAL and Tour Guiding

Tired of eat, drinking, partying and keen to lose some KJ in the bicycle?  We rent some road bikes and MTB . If you're not the kind of solo dude we can also guide you to some of our secret spots with coffee pit stop and tons of cycling talk.
Kelson:  082 688 7399

Thanks Scarborough!  From Kel and the Everesting Team

Our Everesting PINK vibe keep going strong  ,our donation thermometer for Cancer AWARENESS standing over R10,000 macaronis ( that is truly amazing ! )
Last Sunday Red Hill Everesting attent was epic , we where soooo close at 8166m but had to abort for safety reasons the wind was brutal at 21:00 hours , sometime a mountain isn't meant to be conquered , and isn't about the summit but the journey !
The boys are pumped up and committed to do it again the full Monty ( 8848m ) in March 2018 and of course we'll choose the right day , preferable light SE
We can not thank enough to everyone involved ! our support crew was outstanding , Scarborough community in full force :) and special huge thanks to Fresh Air Crew – Nic Moose Good and Grant Atkinson for the amazing video and photos on the day , they were there grinding with us at 3:00am , attached is the link for a 60s video and photos summarizing the long day (over 18:00h), please if you share the images give them Credits ! For the super heroes that donated some macaronis towards the PINK you guys Rock and super huge thanks from the team

New Years Eve – Pipers at the beach

After last year's debacle, leader of the bagpipers, Mike Inggs, contacted me re coordination of this year's piping on the beach. Because of the huge crowds now coming through to Scarborough, the pipers and I have agreed that the best solution is for me to cordon off an area on the beach, south of the boardwalks, high up against the dunes, for them. This will ensure that all will be able to hear them as the sound carries towards the sea. Mike has emphasised that they won't play until everyone goes down the slope so that all can see.
Also, last year they had to park inland of Main Road and walk all the way to the beach, being the reason for them only getting to the beach just before the sun disappeared. To prevent this happening again I will reserve a parking area for them closest to the beach. Folks, it's our last chance after 20+ years of what has become a stunning Scarborough traditional farewell to the old year. If this year is as much of a mess as last year's, they won't be back. Let's cooperate, show appreciation to them for their fabulous contribution to our unique village, and all enjoy the evening. Hopefully the wind will also contribute and give us a break.
Colleen:  082 490 5589

Montessori activities for children of 2-6 years.

These are child-led and purposeful activities that foster respect for each other and the environment, indepence and intrinsic motivation.
Times: 9 am – 12 pm, December holidays.
Place: 112 Hilltop street
For references or to pop by for a look see and a chat, please sms or whatsapp me. Thank you.
Deirdre:  073 325 8723

Suspicious character

Approx 3 weeks ago a man (possible Zimbabwean) knocked at my neighbours door and said he was going to cut some trees from the next house garden and was it ok for him to enter her property in case any trees has fallen over. She got suspicious about him and asked her neighbor a few days later. They didn't know this him and no trees work was scheduled… the man called himself Darren. He is tall, well build and short hair.
Lindsay (Eland St)

Camel Rock Restaurant, 0217801122

Osnat art exhibition on and its looking beautiful! Come take a peek.
Organic herbs and veg in the mix.
Wednesday burger night – R50
Friday 22 Dec, 7pm – Hezron Chetty and the Zugzwang performing this Friday with their rock infused world music 3 piece group playing violin, bass and drums. They have been likened to Ali Farke Toure and Pink Floyd. R70
Saturday 23 Dec, 7pm – Oceans Riff bringing us some lively season greetings playing Capetonian jazzy, calypso, reggae and funky Christmas songs to get us singing and dancing.
Sundays sundowners jazz session and fish braai from 5:30pm.  The freshest jazz and fish served up hot off the coals.

Whole Earth Cafe – Summer Celebrations

Whole Earth Cafe is now open on Thursday and Friday evenings during the summer season for our plant power Thursday’s and Festive Fridays. Please book your table or place your take away orders as space is very limited.
021 780 1138,

For sale

Schleich horse toy set – Excellent condition. Horse stables: R900, Horse truck and trailor: R300, 5 Schleich horses: R300. Total: R1,500. Retails new for R3000.
Michelle:  082 550 2245

Horse riding boots – 1 pair brand new Huntsfield boots, size 3: R450 (R600 new). 1 pair 2nd hand boots, size 2: R200
Michelle:  082 550 2245


Scarborough T-shirt – Limited edition! The genuine Scarborough Classic Environment friendly Surf T Shirt. Special Xmas price Children Size Small R190, Med R200, Large & X Large R220. To order, contact:
Konnie:  082 819 0193,  Andre  082 557 4872

Defy washing machine – in good working order. We just upgraded to newer unit.
Chris Serjak:


House to rent over Xmas period – Last minute rental in Scatborough for Xmas and the holday period. Jasmine way, sleeps 6.
Danielle: 079 512 0823

My husband and I are looking for a house to rent in Scarborough. Our budget is up to R20,000 per month. Ideally we’re looking for a long term rental (furnished or unfurnished). Alternatively we could take a 3 month rental from 15 December to 15 March. It is just the two of us, no children, no pets. We own our own business and can provide excellent references.
Jessika Munnell:

House available – in exchange for cat-sitting: I am looking for a person or couple to look after my cats in exchange for staying in my house in Egret Rd between 25st Dec – 4rd January (dates are flexible). Perhaps someone in the Deep South or Scarborough has family visiting and needs some extra accommodation, or you know someone who just needs a holiday close to the beach. I would prefer quiet cat lovers as my cats can be quite sensitive to new people. I'd also prefer veggie friendly people as it's a vegan home and not keen on fridge and cooking things used for meat. Internet and plenty of bandwidth included. Regrets, no dogs. Any takers?
Jo:  072 233 8849,  021 780 1605,

Dave Bowerman

We are building the house on corner of Hilltop and main. The previous owner, and long time resident, Dave Bowerman is in Hospital in Durban. He is not doing to well, so he is in our thoughts and prayers… I am sure he will have been familiar with some of the residents, his house burnt down many years ago..
Neil de Gouveia

We are Wild & Waste-Free!

Every choice we make and every rand we spend, is a vote for what we stand behind and what we want to grow. We can be the critical mass that brings transformation to some of the biggest issues that deplete the Wellbeing of people, planet and business.

We can do it people! Yes, we can!
·      Wild & Waste-free is a completely package and plastic-free food and Lifestyle store, education hub and venue. We aim to be affordable, convenient and inspiring while supporting local and earth friendly products and business.
·      We are not the first Waste-Free store but we are pioneers, especially in South Africa. We are part of a worldwide movement. All our ancestors, from all around the world, lived waste-free, resourceful and mindful of their resources and the environment. This is current, relevant and at the same time bringing valuable back old wisdom!
·      We are Action and solution based and we are creating a collaborative model that is a different way of doing business because we uphold the wellbeing of people and the planet rather than compromise these for profit.  We aim to make difference and create opportunity.
·      Part of an economy that is based on the wellbeing of People and the Planet. This is known as the well being economy and a circular economy. This way empowers people.  It brings meaning and opportunity for positive change through the way we shop and live by re-connecting the dots; Where does our stuff come from, what does it really do for us, where does it go when we are done with it, who is effected along the way? Does this make sense or is there a price we, or our children ahead of us, will have to pay?

It sounds like a job for Super Heroes but we, as in you and I, actually have the power and together we can make a the big changes needed in the world. Where are we now, on this exciting adventure?

International blog post:
Local blog post:

How do you get involved and help this baby to grow and make a real difference in the world? Come shop Waste-Free!  Or  See What we have for your for gifts, become a member, stock your products, run workshops, see our events, get involved, volunteer or find out more by contacting me.
Hope you have a Wonderful, Wild & Waste-free Season.
Jade Khoury:

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