Scarboroughmail, Fri 30 Oct 2015

What's  news at the Cape Farmhouse

FRIDAY evening is TAPAS time. We are having our delicious Tapas twice a month for the summer. So it's the first and last Friday of the month you should keep a note of in your diary! Booking is preferred.

SATURDAY afternoon is Farmhouse Rocks time. Some great music from Red Tape Riot- Let's hope the weather stays as good!  And yes, we will have a television available even though there will be a shortage of springboks….

And from November 1st the Farmhouse will be open from Tuesday through till Sunday. Only closed Monday unless it's there is a special event -and then we will open Monday as well.!
Rose,   Cape Farmhouse Restaurant,   bookings:  021 780 1246

TEARS Carnival this weekend

By now, everyone knows about the successful way in which 153 dogs were safely removed from the kennels last Friday night and placed in foster homes. At the time,  no one knew how long the fostering would be necessary for. In some cases, new fosterers are needed. If you can help, please let Helen know. Her number is 078 347 6693.
A wonderful spin-off has been the fact that 22 dogs have found permanent homes during this time.

See the poster below for the TEARS canrival this weekend.

As You Like It

Help wanted to install a grey water system

Can anyone suggest or refer me to someone who has done this in Scarborough? I would love to have a chat and possibly see any examples of systems that residents in Scarborough have had installed or put together themselves.
David Farrell,,   074 264 4389


Dog leads  –  red and orange, found at the point.
Wayne,   083 249 6426

For sale

Lindam baby gates – 70cm wide, 3 with 3 extensions: 7,5cm, 14cm and 28cm. They attach to the walls with a cup that is screwed onto the wall.
Pine tresles – 750x600mm
Six pine tresles, 750x600mm
White Ball and claw display cabinet.JPG]
Whiteboards, yearly planner board and cork pinboard
White Imbuia 'ball and claw' display cabinet and matching lounge chest – professionally refurbished and painted low VOC in matte white.

Solid pine double bunk  –  with bookcase to set up in traditional or l-shape plus two second hand mattresses, R1500
Tracey Farren,   084 569 1233

Mattress  –  Queen size, spring, in good condition. R300. I can drop off for you.
Mark,,   076 279 1753


Booster seat  –  to suit a 4-year old, just for a week from 1-7 November. Would anyone be able to rent or lend one to us please? Please contact
Deidre,,   073 325 8723

HWS Report for September

Baboon ranger report for September


House & Pet sitter  –  Looking for someone reliable over December/January, contact Kaylah on 082 543 7148. She has house and pet sat for me and she was great, for reference, contact me:
Sharon Walter,   021 780 1152

House & Pet sitter  –  My name is Carol,  most of you know me from the shop Micky’s Mouse Trap. Working at Camel’s Rock shop gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and I am so grateful to have met wonderful residents from Scarborough as well as holiday guests. I’ve got some news, after giving a lot of thought about what gives me joy in life; I decided to expand in that field. Anyone who knows me well, know how I love animals, especially dogs. I have been pet sitting/house sitting on and off for the last 5 years. Every pet is special to me and I treat him or her with love and attention. In addition, I enjoy caring for a home and I very much like to iron! If you need someone to do houstiting, pets sitting or need an extra hand in your house, I would like to have a chance to meet with you. If you own a vacation rental property, I am offering a cleaning service to thoroughly clean before each renter starts his stay.

What one of my client sent me:  “Carol took exceptional care of our two dogs and one cat – I don't think the dogs have ever had so much fun or so many varied walks! During our absence we also appreciated regular, unprompted updates of the animals and house. When we came back we found the house in an immaculate condition and the pets were very happy”. Let me know if you need additional references.
Carol,   078 709 5101


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