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Sign our petition and put an end to Fireworks

Every year, The Cape of Good Hope SPCA witnesses the carnage that results from celebrations where fireworks are discharged.

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Reckless driving in the village

I would like to appeal to people in Scarborough to generally SLOW DOWN and be courteous when driving. I have almost been taken out twice by the same woman in a maroon Renault of some type, speeding around corners into Gemsbok Street without checking whose already in the road. Even almost colliding doesn't slow her down – she then speeds past on the verge. Not to mention another infamous driver who speeds down the road daily in a cloud of dust (mom in a station wagon) and all those who completely ignore the stop streets on the main road. Aside from colliding with another vehicle, there are tortoises, cats, dogs and kids to consider. Please also be polite when people pull over to let you pass and don't play chicken with other cars coming towards you. This is not an installment of Fast & Furious!
Taryn Blythe

Waterless toilets workshop

As this water crisis begins to unfold, it seems that maintaining a flushing toilet will become one of the biggest challenges for regular households. Will there be enough grey water available to flush? Can the waste water be collected and stored at the right point in the existing system?

There are ways to do this, but the simplest solution might be to install a completely waterless compost system. We brought our first wooden compost toilet 6 years ago from Ruth Ehrhardt and Derek Gripper and have not used a single drop of water in our toilets since then. The system is very simple and costs almost nothing to set up and operate. You end up with a huge pile of rich compost from it each year and save around 50,000 liters of drinking water a year. However, it does take some degree of maintenance and discipline to operate it.

I am willing to host a free demo workshop at our home in Redhill on Sat 9 Dec at 9AM. Please contact me to book a place.
Alistair Berg:  084 393 3283 (sms or whatsapp)

World Series Soccer Holiday Clinic

Dates:  Monday 11 to Friday 15 December (second holiday clinic)
Time:  10:00 to 12:30
Ages:  5 – 12 years
Cost:  R250 per day
Bookings:  082 351 7599 or

Whole Earth Cafe – Celebrating Summer

Join us this Thursday evening from 6pm for our Incredible Plant-based Banquet. Chef Abi will once again be tantalising tastebuds with her lentil cottage pie, homemade gnocchi & spicy dhal. For dessert we have homemade mango & passionfruit vegan cheesecake, vegan chocolate cake & vegan sticky date pudding with caramel sauce.

On Friday our Sushi Extravaganza continues with Chef Anele creating magic with the freshest salmon & tuna. Of course, vegan sushi options will also be on offer.
Booking is essential to avoid disappointment:  021 780 1138,

Camel Rock Restaurant, 021 780 1122

Friday 8 Dec, 7pm – Steve Newman trio, legend South African guitarist performs his African music inspired flamenco style acoustic guitar wizardry with his band – R150
Saturday 9 Dec, 7pm – Black South Easter 5 piece outfit performing live with their funky, soulful, wholesome rhythms – R100
Sunday 10 Dec, 4pm Osnat Art exhibition opening – opening of well known and much loved local artist Osnat exhibiting her creations inspired by the Southern peninsula and Scarborough.
Sundays sundowners jazz session and fish braai from 5:30pm.  The freshest jazz and fish served up hot off the coals.

Yoga @Healing Art Studio

Last class this year: Thursday 21st December.
Open again:  Monday 8th January 2018.

Class schedule:
Monday and Thursday 6pm – 7.10 pm
Tuesday and Thursday 8.30 am – 9.40 am

For yoga bookings or enquiries or to mark the end of your year with a cleansing healing therapeutic massage, contact
Elaine:  083 364 6237,,

Directed Pressure Point Technique practitioner in Scarborough.

Directed Pressure Point Technique  (DPPT) is a wellness profession that recognizes the body's ability to heal and repair itself, and to maintain itself in its healthy state. As a practitioner I understand that this self-healing process depends on uninterrupted communication between the brain and the body. DPPT is concerned with assisting the body to restore this free flow of information where communication has become blocked or disrupted. This technique does not try to force the body into 'alignment ' to fit preconceived ideas of health. Rather, as practitioner I work in harmony with and utilize the body's capacity to heal itself, facilitating a process through which the body makes it's own changes towards restoring wellbeing in its own time.
Who needs DPPT?  This technique is invaluable to everyone, from newborn babies through to the very elderly, chronically ill or disabled. People in apparent good health will also benefit, as DPPT will enhance the body's capacity to maintain optimum wellness.

If you would like to book a session please contact me:

Heidi:,  082 956 8619,

Clay workshops

Angel Making workshops in clay starting from this weekend until Christmas with Cathrine. For more details:

Scarborough Community Church

This coming Sunday morning Frank Retief will be dealing with that incredibly sensitive subject of "DIVORCE." There is no-one better qualified to speak on this topic. He has made a thorough study on the subject as well as written the book "Hope for the Hurting" (when you stand in the shadow of divorce) which has helped countless people.
Please come and join us and if you know someone for whom this topic is a timely word, please bring them along with you. There will be a Carol Service on Sunday 17th December at 6:00pm in the Scarborough Community Hall, everyone is welcome.
Joe & Lynette Bell:  021 780 1492,

Astrology Consultations

Use your planetary birth chart to understand, organize, and enrich your life for 2018! Nick Dagan Best, a renowned Canadian-born astrologer with over twenty years experience, is available for personal consultations at the Shamballah Tea House & Holistic Centre. Fee for a one-hour session is R750. Shamballah Tea House is located next to The Cape Farmhouse Restaurant – 3km from Scarborough. To schedule a meeting, contact
Nick:,  SMS or WhatsApp: 078 754 6196

Wave art exhibition

A reminder to visit the beautiful art exhibition at 24 Blesbok Street, Scarborough. Very affordable Christmas gifts a plenty! Open today and over the weekend – and by appointment next week. Opening hours are 1030 – 1800.
Chris Brehem:  780 1763,  072 375 6041

Services wanted

Clear/wipe/clean a used computer, and transfer data from mine to that one.
Jess Tyrrell:  074 172 7327

Services offered

Norozi from Redhill is available for cleaning on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. She keeps a spotless house and can help out with extra washing and cleaning over the holidays. Please contact her on 074 3859868 or 063 5643193
(reference contact Heidi 082 956 8619)

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