Scarboroughmail: Kelson’s Cancer Awareness Challenge

Kelson's Cancer Awareness Challenge
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2017 has been an amazing year filled of cycling achievements (double gold at WP, 4th at Tour of Good Hope, 1st at PPA league, and the cherry in the top: our team finished 9th overall at the Coronation Double Century) 
BUT this cycling talking is nothing compared to folks out there fighting the real race: the race against CANCER, so in the spirit of cycling for a good cause, myself and  2 loonies are doing this amazing feat; 
Climbing Red Hill 52 times, yes you heard right ! 52 times UP and DOWN ! 
In the cycling circle they call it " EVERESTING " meaning: ride your bike to a total of 8848m Ascent in one single push (the same height of mount Everest), so we'll start 03:00 this Sunday, 10 Dec and probably finish around 22:00.


Sir Tom Briggs, the absolute King of the mountain check him out in Strava as Brendavenda, he can climb like a goat, the story goes, that when he was born his mother run out of milk so she gave little Tom goat milk so its genetic.

"The Russian Machine " Nicolay Zatsarny ,  UP when riding for the Russians Juniors team them DOWN to 1 bottle of vodka and 2 pack of cigs per day and finally UP again  riding strong with the best elite riders in the WP .

As you can see this 2 don't need any help to go up and down, but I need every help you can spare and the best help we can get is to dig deep in your heart and pocket and donate some macaronis to the Pink Trees for Pauline, an amazing NGO doing a lot of great work for CANCER AWARENESS check out the website 

otherwise, if you trust kalzoni :) below is the banking details :

Pink Trees for Pauline
First National Bank
Account number 62398852238
Branch code 210114

Please use the payment REFERENCE as:  Everest + "your name"

And for the big business out there, donation to Pink Trees for Pauline is tax deductible !

We looking forward to see you all on the challenge day, Sunday 10 Dec,  Elena and friends are handling free smoothies from Brendavenda bicycle machine so children, family, dogs, etc is welcome – we need any distraction we can get from the UP and DOWN :)


Kel:  082 688 7399

The Team:

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Pink Trees:
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