Scarboroughmail, Mon 16 Nov 2015

A message from Bishop Joe on Christine's progress

In a recent accident, Christine Bell had a fall and was badly hurt. All of Scarborough joins together in wishing her and Joe all the best. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Joe has sent an update and thanks to all who have contacted him.


Blue swimming goggles  – washed up on the beach.
Clive Carter,   021 780 1197,


Wallet  –  finders keepers for the cash in the wallet but really want my cards and drivers licence! R400 reward if returned with all cards and drivers.
Justin,   078 200 4694

Scarborough Security Xmas Sale

A great saving on an alarm system – see poster for details


Old water/rain tank  –  have one that you no longer want? If so let me know and I will come and take it away.
Richard,   082 550 8217

For sale

Pasture-Reared Meats Available Weekly in Scarborough  –  I take weekly orders of a large range of certified Grass-Fed, Free-Range and Biodynamically Farmed Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Ostrich, and various Game varieties. Also a selection of cured and dried meat products that are free of MSG and other artificial additives, including biltong and droewors.
Superb quality, fully traceable to source, and good prices! Price list attached.
Gwen,,   074 1169 462

Services needed

A good gas service  –  (with certificates of compliance) to repair a gas hob.
Sue Samson,

Seamstress  –  anyone know of a seamstress in the area who can mend / alter clothing?
Fiona Burton,,   083 574 0597

Telkom drop line in a pipe  –  After my broken telephone wire was provisionally repaired today (it broke probably due to extended exercises of our beloved Baboons), I came together with the Telkom guys to the conclusion, that a cable at the ground in a pipe would be the longer lasting solution. Now the question: Who can do it for me, laying a pipe into the ground from my house to the telephone pole? Telkom would put the wires in.
Armin Toepfer,  071 280 4561

Staff needed for Camel Rock restaurant

Waiters and waitresses  –  with previous experience
Front of house manager
Kitchen manager / Head Chef
Justin,   078 200 4694


Tree and undergrowth clearing  –  Suncell Creations did a great job clearing the undergrowth and trees from our property. They worked quickly and efficiently and removed all trimmed off material from the site. Additionally they mulch this material which they them gift to an appropriate cause. Give me a shout if you would like contact information.
Helena,,   021 780 1082,   082 852 6145

Car licence renewals

In case you have not heard, the Licencing Dept is not sending out renewal notices for licences due end Sep and Oct due to a computer glitch.  So please check your disc and if due you can either renew on-line or go to a licencing office (and face long queues). Sad but true.  For details see

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