Scarboroughmail, Mon 2 Nov 2015

Elephant seal on Scarborough beach

A young male elephant seal established himself on Mussel Beach on Sunday. They live on islands like Prince Edward Island in Antarctica and come to South African shores from time to time. It is not known why. This animal is currently moulting, a process taking a few months, hence his pale skin colour, and this may be the reason for him coming here now.

No-one should go anywhere near him as he is potentially very dangerous, and perhaps uncomfortable because of the moulting. But he is unlikely to attack anyone who keeps their distance.

He has a large yellow tag on one of his rear flippers. The Department of Sea Fisheries has been following him around and last saw him on Witsands beach. If you can read the number on the tag, or he does anything interesting, or you have some good photos, please contact:
Mike Meyer of Sea Fisheries,   082 578 7617, (preferably email as he is at sea)

Jennifer Eisele took some photos


Summer Soiree at Imhoff Farm

Come and celebrate with us on Thu, 5 Nov from 5pm.
There'll be live music and complimentary drinks, and you can purchase handcrafted soap from Scented Life, vintage clothing from Rummage Co Op and gorgeous jewellery from Purely Porcelain. You can also do a cheese tasting and tour at Pépé Charlot Artisanal Goats Cheese and of course Blue Water Cafe and Umami Restaurant will be open for business as usual. Come and make an evening of it!

Clay Cob Oven building Workshop ..

.. this weekend in Scarborough!

Red Hill Embrace – November update

You may be aware of the woman's support group that has begun – between a bunch of umlumgu's and few ladies from Red Hill. It has been a wonderful so far journey!

A lady who has been blind with eye infection for months – can now see – and can consider work again as a result of medicine provided – a woman has received crisis counselling and has finally been able to move forward  with her life-  a garden has begun – as well as a sewing club, to develop skills and possible income generation. To name but just a few of the wonderful  impulses on the go.

It is a marvelous example of how sharing a small amount of time – and an even smaller amount of our resources can make a huge difference to people's lives – people who struggle in a system that has been slanted at a disadvantage against them their entire lives. It feels good for everyone involved to be part of this empowering project – when we do something about the things that disturb us – fear dissipates and adventure takes it's place.

We are currently needing the support of anyone with a good eye for design to help us with a very simple and quick label design.
If you feel inspired to make a difference – please get hold of me.  

Please see the two pics below to  meet the crew. Thank you so much – and here's to being the change!
Jacqueline Roche,   071 482 9399,   021 780 1064,


The Scenic South this week

Women of the Earth November Newsletter

The Village Hub latest update

And so the extraction guys from the back of beyond arrive on site, only to be greeted by checkered tape prohibiting them from entering the kitchen due to the floor screed still being wet. The next day they return, check the measurements and determine that the extraction canopy needs to go on the wall, precisely where the new geyser has just been installed! And now we have to juggle
our entire kitchen around – this will set us back a few days. Please be be patient, it will be well worth the wait! Many thanks
Kyall and Natasha


Metal detector  –  My phone fell out of my pocket on my hike up the mountain. I know the section it fell out in but the bush is too thick on the sides to find it. Please let me know ASAP before it rains again!

Seamstress –  In Scarborough or close by? Pleae call
Raquel,   072 074 31 33,

Computer/laptop fixer  –  Overheating, blank screen – can anyone repair it?  or replace it
Irma Engelbrecht,

Carpenter and welder
1. We would like to have a white, wooden, slatted box (smooth finish) with a lid on hinges, made up. 800mm wide x 400mm deep x400mm high. Strong enough to sit on.
2. We have two metal framed gates, lined with green mesh (nice and light) which we would like to have welded into one frame, to be used on a track as a remote controlled gate.
Should you be interested in quoting on either one of these jobs please contact
Chris Mace,   082 950 1665

For sale

Timeshare in Plett  –  friends have some timeshare exchange points that are expiring and they really don’t want them to go down the drain. The only accommodation available at this stage is at at Castleton in Plett some time in November.
The fee is R1300 for either a full week or a 5 day midweek. Anyone interested? Or know of anyone who may be?
Colleen Pote,,   021 780 1536


IPhone 4  –  in a red leather cover. Lost last Monday, 19 oct ( went looking for it ever since) no luck… Reward: an awesome cake
Natalia,   082 523 5011,


Rubble & Removal Services  –  You name it we do it!  Garden refuse,  Garage clearance,  Office clearance,  Building site rubble disposal.  Fast and affordable.  We offer first class customer service.
063 210 0020

House / pet sitters available.

My name is Adam Warwinsky, I'm 22 years old with a BA in Theater Performance and a BA in Political Science. I've recently moved to Scarborough from New York and am wondering if anyone is in need of a house sitter or a pet sitter. I have experience with both back in the states and am trustworthy, hardworking, and respectful. If you need a character reference, Natasha from The Hub can offer one.
Adam Warwinsky,

Looking for someone reliable to house or pet sit over December/January, contact Kaylah on 082 543 7149.
Kaylah has house and pet sat for me and she was great, for reference you can contact me
Sharon Walter,   021 7801152

House available

Small cottage on Hilltop Road. Right up against the mountain. Beautiful sea views. Available to rent for the month of December.
Tanya,,   072 646 4771

Houses wanted

I'm looking for a little place to rent in Scarbs from December 1st for about a year. 2 bedrooms, ideally, but a bachelor studio could work. I've got a 10 year old son on weekends that lives with me. I am cabinet-maker, working professional with good references. My workshop is nearby. I am away in Tanzania till the 20 Nov, but available on email and what'sapp.
Colin Rock,   071 131 7600,


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