Scarboroughmail, Sat 23 Jan 2016

The Whole Earth Cafe

The Whole earth cafe team invites you to experience our fine food and relaxed atmosphere. We are open every day (apart from Tuesdays) for hearty healthy breakfasts and lunches, teas and indulgent home baked cakes.

Whole earth evenings are coming soon. Watch this space.

Call Aura 021 780 1138,,

Zuma Must Fall March  –  1 Feb 2016

On 1 Feb 2016 there will be a  "Zuma must fall" march in the City. I can arrange a free for all bus sponsored by the DA for the folks of Scarborough. Please let me know whether you would like to join us on the day. You can contact me via Telegram on your phone (private message to DR on the Scarborough Chat group) or send an email to Please include  your name, surname and email address.  

The DA would like us to wear a DA t-shirt in exchange for the cost of the bus. We have space for 60 people. Snooze you lose! RSVP by 26 Jan.

From Oliver


Lug is van voels en vlinders
uitgevee deur die wind.

Los blare skreeu grond-toe.

Vlamme op die berge
maak spoedig vernieling

aangesteek in die verkrampte siel
van die manktes
die kleigeld van humaniteit.

Kundalini Yoga Workshop Scarborough

The rivers of the Chakras and glands:
the endocrine system adjusts consciousness and feeling and is intimately entwined with the perception and perspectives of the seven chakras, plus the eighth, the aura. every gland, in fact, produces a rasa, a juice – easily rustled through stimulants but much more thoroughly and healthfully through deep, specific, healing exercise such as yoga. the glands guard vitality, engagement, mental state and youthfulness. empower in you the shift you deserve at the beginning of this bright and new year. Reset your state of being through the chakra workshop. See poster for details.

IT / Security Company in Scarborough:  Horizon Computers

If you are needing any of the following services or help with your IT, I offer the following services:
– Networking,  Data Rescue & Recovery,  Virus /Malware / Spyware Removal
– Remote Support & Management,  General Maintenance and Contracts
– IP Camera Security Systems,  A/V Media Centres & Services
– Hardware & Software Sales
– General IT support

Adrian:  021 780 1192,   082 572 5454,

For sale, for free

Defy fridge  –  370 l, double door works well 4 years old slight problem
Antique piano – very attractive
4 berth caravan – needs work
What offers? please use e-mail as I live at the top of Red Hill so Telkom line has burned out, cell might work.
Diogene:   074 801 2593,

TV – Sony WEGA Trinitron wide screen 16:9, perfect condition. Heavy so requires a team to move
Catherine / Wolfgang:  021 780 1798

Contacts details please?

Minyon from Gardens (079 831 3130) is looking for Jennevieve Callahan.
Filly (082 880 2253) is looking for Noleen (a psychic?)


Men's sandals found on the beach. Please call
Gwen: 074 1169 462

Wanted for marmalade

If you have a lemon tree that needs help emptying I would love some! I want to make marmalade and will be happy to pay or give talent exchange. Drop me a line?

Houses needed

I'm looking for a house to rent – no more than R7000 per month. Only need 2 bedrooms. Even a garden flat will be fine.
Nicki Mitchell:  084 039 3074

Work needed

My name is Linda – Iam looking for a job as a cleaner, nanny and carer. I have 6 years of experience. References available. Please contact me any time
Linda:  078 137 9210

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