Scarboroughmail, Sun 20 Sep 2015

Camel Rock Restaurant

free uncapped Wifi!
breakfasts Saturday and Sunday

Sunday afternoon fish braai with Hein on the piano and Ben on the bass guitar playing from 4:30 till 6ish. R60 for a plate of fish and choice of 2 salads. bookings essential
Justin,   021 780 1122
Mickey Mouse trap

raw organic chocolate available
airtime, water, electricity and dstv payments can be made at the shop.
fresh fruit and vegetables

Lost dog's owner found
Sergio, yesterday's lost dog has been reunited with his dad –  a happy ending, fortunately. Thanks to the Keepers Telegram network and a caring community again. A repeated plea to owners – PLEASE ensure that your dog has a collar and name-tag with your phone number on it. After helping a lost animal (usually saving it from being hurt in the traffic), spending many hours thereafter trying to locate you is a very frustrating exercise …  

Introduction to Non Violent Communication/Compassionate Communication with Roberta Wall

Roberta Wall, a certified NVC trainer from USA will be hosting two events on weekend of 25th Sep: A free introduction to NVC/compassionate communication on Friday 25th Sep 18:30-20:30 and a 1.5 day workshop on 26th-27th Sep for a fee commensurate with your financial ability . BOTH events will take place at the Quaker House, 2 Rye rd Mowbray and not as indicated on flyers.Please see flyers for additional information.
Ruth Kansky


Yard sale

Sun 27 Sep, 11 am to 4 pm
Clothing, furniture, books, odds and ends, lots of lovely junk. Wood Fiends, Weekend Tinkerers, Junk Lovers, Handymen, Creatives all welcome.
Directions!  2 kms down from the Good Hope Nursery heading towards Cape Point from Scarborough, on the left side.
Mireille Webb,   076 521 4142


Studio space  –  I am looking for studio space in which to do paintings. Please contact me if you have anything suitable
Fiona Burton,

For sale

Apple Mac/eMac  –  Funky bubble design, inclusive of Mac software and systems; keyboard&mouse; network devise plus cables for scanners, printers etc. Price and viewing on request. Contact
Mignonne,,   073 029 5895


We are still looking for a house, 2-4 bedrooms preferably long term, but also considering short term as we have to be out of our present house, that is on the market,  end of october. We are a small family of 3 and have lived in scaborough for the last 10 years. Have excellent references. Contact 

Lotta,   021 780 1560,   079 782 1389,

Alternative to an electric fence?     Anyone ever seen/used one?
Susan Marx

TEARS corner

Carter is a beauty – almost pure German Shepard!


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