Scarboroughmail, Thu 15 Oct 2015

Building on Mountain Rise

I would like to bring a property matter into community awareness. I am relatively new to Scarborough- arriving 2014 and mostly part-time. I was so excited to discover such a kind and giving community and I tried my best to give back through community watch and supporting volunteer efforts.

I now have a horrid situation which I feel quite powerless about. I signed off on a build next door to me on Mountain Rise road. (being kind to neighbours). It has gone on for a year-  my driveway becomes a turning circle and an extension of the build. Jasmine way is now full of potholes from heavy trucks and my driveway riveted. All natural vegetation has been pulled out etc. NOW another build has started behind me and they have encroached 3.5m onto my property with a dry wall, saying it's landscaping, and removed all vegetation (albeit some alien). Although the new owners want to be 'kind', they say I need a retaining wall….?. The difficulty is now ALL THIS COSTS and is very unpleasant…I have to get town planners and surveyors etc…all of which I am unfamiliar with…I used to have a quiet retreat in Scarbs.Sadly I feel I have lost the peace, quiet and community I found in the beginning. Builders don't care and home owners want the max for themselves only.
Megan de Beyer

All's well in Scarborough

Dog poos are accumulating along the nature reserve fence, ensuring that we retain our title of Dog Poo Capital of the Deep South. My neighbour's free roamer uses my tufted piece of roadway to make his deposits, so keeping me in close touch with the doggy world.  

The whole village is ringing with the skirl of building operations, to the rubbing of estate agents' hands.  A neighbour's building has been going on for the best part of the year which, never mind the sound of honest labour, produces conversations shouted to the pitch of labourers' lungs and falsetto shrieks suggesting rape between the mix and slap of cement.  How neglected I shall feel when once again (if ever) silence descends upon the neighbourhood!  

And Scarborough may become a "conservation village" and property owners will be compelled to remove bluegums and other hideous aliens from their land…

Yes, all's well in Scarborough.
Oliver Findlay Price

Deliberately inconsiderate neighbour ..

This afternoon (14 Oct 2015, 14h10) a crane was doing work on Misty Cliffs Main Road in front of a tributary road. A Misty Cliffs resident was unable to turn left into this road, and so decided to obstruct all traffic until the crane was finished and moved, despite pleas and protestations from people waiting on both sides.

He drives a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JJP 797 NW (pictures attached). If you have the misfortune of interacting with this obnoxious pratt, please treat him with the same consideration as he does with us.


Seeking House to Rent

My partner and I are looking for a furnished house to rent in Scarborough or environs for 5 months or part thereof starting from Jan 2016. We have a new born baby boy and are looking for something relatively quiet with two or preferably three bedrooms. We’re willing to pay up to R15 000 per month. If you can help please contact us
Guy and Lena,,   WhatsApp 084 323 9912

For sale

Land Rover Discovery 1  –  1995,  Smooth running, some rust and one door needs a handle replaced. Contact me for price,photos and viewing.
Tass,   ladytass@gmail,com

Elemental Conscious Dance Party Next Weekend!

Come join us for our second Conscious Dance Party on the 24 October in Hout Bay
Where: Sacred Ibis  ( )
When: 24 Oct 16h00 to 0.00
Facebook Event page:

Security warning

A new set of characters have been up to their tricks locally, as reported by SSS. They park their vehicle at the side of the road with the bonnet up – 2 males and a female. They then beg from people or rob them.
Maroon Ford station wagon, CA 284 096

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