Scarboroughmail, Thu 19 Nov 2015

Calling on all Scarborites to support Keepers & your local Fire Unit!

Unfortunately, we have had a very limited response to our Raffle, and again only by the usual sponsors!

A R50 Raffle ticket will not only provide much needed financial support to purchase essential equipment to protect you & your properties, you may win one of our fabulous prizes! A small amount from many is what we need! For tickets, please email

Winners will be drawn at our Community Day on Saturday 21st November, tickets will be available until noon!


Join your fellow volunteers this Sunday, for some practical training.  This is our first training session of the summer fire season – and we can all do with refreshers on pump handling, hoses, hydrants, communications and procedures.

The expectation is that this will be a pretty bad fire season due to climatic conditions – and the fire load in and around Scarborough and Misty Cliffs compound the danger.  So best we are are prepared.

What:          Refresher Training – pumps, hoses, trailer, hydrants, comms, procedures
Where:        Meet @ the Fire Shed, Watsonia Lane (next to old SafariNow)
When:         Sun 22 November 2015 @ 9.30am until approx 11am

New volunteers most welcome.

Training sessions are generally held 3rd SUNDAY of the month. Please diarise.

A Movember (True) Story – A call to action to all Scarborough males!!!!

Once upon a time there were two friends, MC, and his friend (BFF) (not his real name). MC went every year to have his prostate checked with a simple blood test called a PSA test (Prostate Specific Antigen). BFF refused to go.

Four years ago the test for MC showed an increased PSA level. MC had the appropriate treatment. Because MC had a raised PSA, BFF eventually decided to go for his PSA test. Unfortunately his PSA levels were crazy high. Today MC is healthy and fit and walks daily on the beach at Scarborough. Last week he went to BFF’s funeral.

Be like MC not like BFF – go and get yourself tested. It may save your life just like it did mine.
Mark Cohen

Friday Night Potjie, at Camel Rock Restaurant
there will be a veg and a meat pot.  and this Friday we got Karoo Lamb. Choose from a selection of 3 salads. The potjie pots are going on the coals at 3pm so dinner will be served from 6:30pm onwards. R100 per person.
Sunday Fish Braai, at Camel Rock Restaurant
fires start from 4ish and the first fish off the coals can be expected from 5:30 onwards. Hein on the piano and Zen on the bass guitar start playing their sundown session from 5:30pm.  

Dog-shit Capital of the South!!

We have lived in Scarbs for a year and walk daily on the beach. On all these walks we have only seen two people, other than us, pick up after their dog.

What is it about Scarborians that they do not respect their beach, their community or themselves enough to pick up the dog-shit left by their dog on our beautiful beach!!?? That they leave these steaming deposits where their kids and toddlers come to play?!!? Embarrassed by what their dog has just done many dog walkers do the worst possible thing – they cover the smelly pile with sand for some unsuspecting beach walker to stand in. And, no, don’t kid yourself the tide doesn’t wash it away

If we can get permission I would suggest that we put up a post-box at the entrance to the beach that is filled with plastic bags that can be returned to the box at the end of the walk if not used or dumped in the bin if used. There is a system like this at the entrance to Newlands Forest. I am prepared to put up R 500 to get the system going and to have some hand in keeping the box stocked. Any supporters (and contributors) for this idea? Anybody else have any thoughts?
Mark Cohen

Lost & found

Key found – on white rope with a carabiner found on my lawn. Suspected thief is Google. Sorry!
Colleen,   021 780 1536, 082 490 5589

Keys lost – on a ring with a round Blue “Target” disc with red bulls-eye, a few keys and ironically a whistle alarm that helps if I lose the keys (indoors). The last place I had them was at the post boxes at 10h30, Thu 19 Nov.
Henry, 021 780 1818,   076 159 3650.


Nicky's number re garden services. Please sms to
Leone,   072 592 1272

Char – once a week, can anyone recommend a reliable and trustworthy lady. I would prefer someone from Redhill purely from a transport issue.  
Jenny Volschenk,

old-fashioned matinee jacket for a newborn baby –  that I could borrow and copy? You can't buy those jackets anymore in the era of babygros but I'd like to try and make some for Rebecca and Grant's baby which is expected to arrive in January.
Pat Louw,,   084 549 7949

Morning Market – great bargains

On Saturday the 21st November,  Kommetjie Library Grounds,  9am to 12.30pm.
Stalls, books, white Elephant, plants, tea garden, boerewors rolls and games for the children. Also a stall of excellent 2nd Hand clothing going at R 5.00 per item for the MOTHWA


Irrigation – I would like to thank the person who recommended Juma to put in my irrigation system.  He efficiently fixed my existing system as well as installing a new system for the rest of the garden. His phone number is 071 813 4422.
Xandra Dunn, 082 680 3040

Au pair – I would like to recommend the services of Beauty, a South african lady who lives in Red Hill and looked after my baby boy from 6 months to 2 years, and occasionally with my daughter, 4 years old. She used to take him for long walks to the beach, the picnic site, to the playpark or to visit friends in the village. She taught him good manners, as well as playful and loving ways. He was delighted. She also helped with cleaning, cooking and babysitting. My work schedule is now different, so she is available all week for now.
You can contact me (Joanna) for more info or call her on 0785137678

Domestic help – I would also like to recommend sweet and efficient Zimbabwean Lenah who is looking for work cleaning. She worked for me once. She arrived recently from Zim and she lives with her 1 year old and 4 year and her husband in Red Hill, so she would also like to look after children. She is available all week for now.
You can contact me (Joanna) for more info or call her on 0634752587


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