Scarboroughmail, Thu 22 Oct 2015

Camel Rock Restaurant
– OPEN: Wed – Mon (closed on Tues)
– Breakfast Sat and Sun from 9:30 – 12.00
– Rugby world cup at the Rock.
– Fish braai with light entertainment by Hein and Zen from 5pm Sunday. bookings essential!

Mickey Mouse trap shop: airtime and electricity available, open: 7 days a week, 9am-5pm
Justin,   021 780 1122

(Please see the item below regarding the ongoing break-ins at Camel Rock Restaurant ..)

Derek Gripper live music on 31 Oct in Kalk Bay

A reminder to music lovers of Derek Gripper's upcoming performance in Kalk Bay on Saturday the 31st of October.
 It is organised by City Soiree events and needs 40 pledges / paid bookings for the event to go ahead.(Should you pay and the event be cancelled, you will be refunded your payment.)

Services wanted

Washing machine repairer  –  Looking for a handyman or someone in Scarborough who is able to repair a washing machine. Paid job.
Michaela Dekel,


Irrigation systems – If you're looking for someone to install or service your irrigation system please call 

Juma on  071 813 4422 it will be a pleasure to offer you free quote. 
Recommended by Dee Lake

Culture connect SA – Summer events

Exceptional cultural experiences
– next Friday's Irma Stern at National Gallery and her house;
– Waterfront & Zeitz MOCCA 31 Oct
– Boschendal 'old and new' 14 Nov

Camel Rock Restaurant Break ins
Last Friday night (actually Sat 17 Oct at 12:40am) Camel Rock restaurant was broken into AGAIN. This might have been the last break-in had Scarborough Security called me when they received the alarm activation. However, they called 6 hours later at 07:06.  I asked management to contact me with an explanation… almost a week later and nothing yet.  

We have known since the first burglary who the burglar is! I have collected 3 witnesses in Ocean View and personally taken them to Simonstown.  SAPS arrested the burglar in August but he was released 2 days later… evidence was apparently circumstancial. Fortunately, we have video footage of the burglar this time to confirm our suspicions and he was immediately identified by two of the kitchen staff from Ocean View. Unfortunately the video quality is not good enough for the police.
Scarborough security ..
.. they have it sweet. Only two roads in and out – and probably one of the most organised Neighbourhood Watches in Cape Town (Keepers) who COULD assist them (if scarb security would comply) and a relatively crime free area to manage. This is a silver spoon setting for a security company to flourish.  Yet they get it SO wrong!  I have a list of incidents over the last 5 burglaries that I would have brought up with their management, but the past 3 requests for management to meet with me have been ignored.

Video footage shows the security patrol arrive at 01:00am to alarm activation and waddle (never seen someone move this slowly) up the stairs and along the veranda while the burglar is making his way out the back. I spoke to the patrol the night after the burglary and he said that he went around the back and saw the open window (glass removed, burglar bars bent open) and that he reported it to the control room. I asked why he didn't call the SAPS? no answer. maybe control rooms job? They only called me 6 hours later.
When they called in morning (never mentioned the alarm acitvation of 12:40am) they said that maybe a baboon had broken in as they saw it coming out of the building with food. when i arrived at 07:10am the new patrol was standing at the window next to a baboon monitor saying maybe it was a baboon? (window pane removed carefully still whole on side and burglar bars bent open!!!!!?????) seems like there was no comms in hand over from shift to shift either?

Previous burglaries.

I have had to respond and have met patrol leaving the rock on my way up there. patrol said he had gone all the way around the  building and no sign of entry. maybe a cat. i asked him to return with me. the kitchen security gate had been forced open (bolt bent out) and door pried open with metal levers. big mess! not something that you can miss.
I was called out to an alarm acitivation and was told by control that patrol had checked everything. on arriving at rock patrol was in car waiting for me as his torch battery was flat.

There is more but this is enough. something has to be done!  They can learn from these mistakes and improve their service if they would at least acknowledge and address them. This is not happening.
Over and out


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