Scarboroughmail, Tue 13 Oct 2015

A HUGE thank you to Charlotte .. and two unknown gentlemen

On Friday 9 Oct, my daughter and her brave friend Liam were caught in the strong rip current in the middle of Scarborough beach. I would like to thank Charlotte Noble and two other gentlemen for rescuing them – they were magnificent. Charlotte also made sure that the ambulance medics did all that was necessary for Liam, whom she saved just in time. A brave attentive and kind super-lady. I am truly thankful.
Petru Lotter

Exciting New Dairy Product @ The GreenShop

During the past few weeks we've been hard at it sourcing suppliers for our new venture at The Village Hub.

On Tuesday afternoon we'll be receiving our first batch of the most fantastic dairy, from pasture fed cows – no GMO, no maize or soya in their diet.  These handcrafted dairy products contain no artificial additives, flavours or any preservatives, and have no added sugars or starches.

Not only is the dairy all natural, but the milk from these amazing Fleckvieh cows is a true supper food as it contains A2 – beta-casein. This is very important as A1 – beta-casein, as found in most commercial breeds have been linked with numerous modern diseases such as diabetes, auto-immune diseases, and other neurological disorders. The milk  has the highest levels of CLA and Omega 3 compared to other dairy, and more importantly a balanced, almost 1:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6, compared to around 1:9 for conventional dairy. The milk is further also rich in melatonin. In addition to the dairy, we have just receive our long awaited shipment of organic rice, oats plus a whole new range of tasty healthily snacks

We look forward to seeing you soon.
The Greenshop Team,    071 342 5210,

Services needed

Writer / Editor  –  I am writing up a Master thesis on a social science subject and am totally stuck.
The subject is Small scale farmers, decision making, seeds, agricultural biodiversity (Andre: I am not sure this sentence in red on the subject is needed at this point of time…)
I am urgently looking for a professional that can help organizing the information I have and write up with a fresh mind. I have to hand in in 5 days time, so it is really super urgent… Thanks for letting me know so we can discuss when, what and how much
Paul,   081 849 0365,

Garden service  –  to help cut back some trees.
Meagan,   074 103 3288.


Slip-slops (black havaianas) and a black spar soccer ball  –  on the beach on Sunday. If anyone has found them, please call me
Lisa,   021 780 1041


Tee-Shirt  –  Blue with Drill logo. On the dunes near the board walk and close to river on the beach.
Paul,   081 849 0365,

For sale

Baboon Proof Veggie Garden Mesh and timber structure  –  +/- 25m2 of welded wire mesh,  5 Gum poles,  7 solid timber for roof structure,  1 wire gate.  All in good condition, disassembled and ready to go.  R3750.
Kyall,   082 678 7771

Large couch  –  from Weatherleys,  3-seater,  great condition, barely used,  R3900

MIndfulness Retreat 17-18 October at Shamballah Holistic Centre

This 2 day Mindfulness in Action retreat will be led by Annika Nicol. The retreat will explore the practice of Being Present – what it means to live in the present moment. We will bring awareness to the thoughts, feelings and sensations in our bodies, and find ways of relating with these experiences without judgement.

Times: 9-16.30 on Saturday and 9-15.30 on Sunday
Cost: R1750
For Health Professionals: 15 CPD points

Annika Nicol has practiced as a Clinical Psychogist since 1997. She completed a 7 year training in Mindfulness Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute in the UK. She runs Mindfulness Retreats and works as Psychotherapist in private practice. Contact

Come Dance to Heal the Earth and Join a Vision Quest

Grandmother Robin is returning to Cape Town at the end of October 2015 to hold a Vision Quest, Wisdom Gathering and the 2nd annual Dance To Heal The Earth. She is also bringing her wisdom and teachings to share in various workshops, Path of the White Wolf, Basic Shamanism, Relationships & Co-creation and a Grandmothers Circle. She is also offering a Pipe Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Purification Lodge and private healing sessions. If you are interested please contact
Gerri Stevenson,   082 496 8713,   gstevenson@iafricacom,


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