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Security Alerts

A reminder that Scarborough community Security Alerts are provided by the security group located on a smart phone app called Telegram. For any enquiries please contact Keepers on the keepers email address,

Bike mugging – Sat 24 Oct at 09h30 – Oceanview Hill

I was travelling in my car with my family towards Oceanview from the Soetwater turnoff over that small hill. We were in the process of a conversation about our friend Kelson having his bike stolen when we witnessed a cyclist getting pulled off his bike by 3 adult males who attacked him with rocks and ran off with his bike. – Specialised Carbon. I drove at them hooting but they ran up the jeep track towards the reservoir. There is a boom there so I jumped out the car and gave chase shouting and bellowing at them to drop the bike….. the bike owner ran with me.
They started throwing rocks at us – we threw rocks back. We just kept chasing them and shouting while my wife, Jules, flagged down another car. After about 400m they realised that we were not going to give up so they dropped the bike but they ripped off his Garmin 810 GPS and his tool bag before disappearing. There was 1 larger male with dreadlocks in his 30s and 2 adult males in there mid 20s with short dark hair. This place is perfect for ambushes as there is a blind spot and there is no cell reception.

We need to stop this ….. any suggestions? Maybe we need to set a few traps. I am keen to catch these scumbags.
Nic Good

Free use of outdoor space every Saturday morning!

This summer we are offering the free use of our large parking area every Saturday morning, corner Main Road and Pincushion, to all Scarborough residents who would like to display/sell their crafts, food, etc. Access to electricity, water and outdoor toilet. Tables/shade are not supplied. Please phone Village Homes for further details:
Linda,   082 685 6939,   Chris,   082 950 1665

A live performance by Desert Rose at Shamballah ..

.. will be the cherry on the cake of the historic Astrology Restored Conference. It takes place at Shamballah from the 6th to the 11th of November 2015. This will happen after the Closing Ceremony.

The duo of Yusuf and Lynne will perfrom some of the new songs they have composed for their tour to India and to COP21 in Paris, France in November/December 2015. Their music has been described as a multicultural and multilingual aural feast, allowing the listener to access the timeless beauty and love of their inner worlds.

The event will include a dinner in the ticket price of R200. Everyone is welcome to attend, including members of the public who have not attended the conference. A sumptuous vegetarian dinner will be served around 7:30pm, followed by the performance by Desert Rose. To book your ticket please visit the Astrology Restored Conference website,, or call Nancy at 082 600 6207.

The Village Hub update: a sincere request please

We are really busy with the last stages of our renovations and we would be very grateful if Scarborough residents could hold back for a while longer before visiting the site. Between last night and early this morning we had a visitor with a dog walk through the building leaving foot prints on our newly screeded floors! Please be be patient, it will be well worth the wait! Many thanks
Kyall and Natasha

Camel Rock Restaurant
Sat and Sun breakfast from 9-12.
Fish braai on Sunday from 5pm with Hein playing piano and Zen on the bass guitar.
Bookings essential!,   021 780 1122


Looking for staff:
Kitchen manager – manage staff, stock management and menu planning
waiting staff
bar staff – for pub being built in beer garden
shopkeeper – for mickey mouse trap
kitchen staff – griller and salad section
kitchen staff – scullery


Tent : We think a tent blew away out of our garden, please let us know if it happened to land in your garden or anywhere in the vicinity of Seagull Road. Thank you!
Mercedes,   078 970 7633

House needed to rent

Rental required for 3 to 6 month lease from around February 2016. 1 or 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, garage not necessary.We have a 13 yr old miniature sausage dog so would have to be pet friendly. We are from Schoenmakerskop, PE, and keen to ultimately settle in Scarborough. Please call
Shelley or Doug Wattrus,   041 366 2247,   082 494 3868,   083 661 3020

A helpful tip when reporting service problems to The City

Anyone requesting any kind of service (including the answer to a question) from any employee of the City is supposed to get from that official a C3 reference number for that request. Asking for a C3 number sometimes has an electric effect on the official, and sometimes might make you a life-long enemy!


Irrigation systems  –  call Juma on 071 813 4422 for a free quote
Dee Lake,

Camel Rock break ins
Our sixth break occurred on Monday 26 Oct at 04:09 .. a  bicycle was found, pics attached. Possibly related. Burglar took papers from the office. If any of these are found in someones garden please contact me.
Justin,   021 780 1122,   078 200 4697

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