Visitors, Welcome to Scarborough. Be prepared to fall in love again.

Each and every resident here, in this small village was once upon a time, a visitor. We hope you will enjoy your stay here in the village and hope that the information on this web site helps you to do just that.


Some useful information at a glance

Beach Safety
As beautiful as it is dangerous.  Scarborough beach is subject to some potentially strong rip currents.  Rip Currents are movements of water away from the beach.
Rip_Drawing                                Rip Photo

Never try and swim against the rip current in an attempt to get back to the beach.  This will result in exhaustion.  Always swim parallel to the shore until you are free from the moving water.



Rubbish is collect on a Tuesday morning.  Try to put bins out only on Tuesday morning before 7:00 am.  If that is not possible, put bins out late on Monday well after sunset.  Baboons are well aware of what day of the week it is and they keep an eye out for bins and rubbish.  Always lay the black wheelie bins down.


In an emergency there are a few doctors in the village.  Once they agree that we can put their details here, we will


Do lots of it.  Have a look in the directory under dining and catering


Red Rock Tribal


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