Local Shopping – The Village Hub

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Important information below as to how The Village Hub will be operating over the next 21 days starting today, 26 March. 

NB: How we operate is being managed by government so we are having to adjust our approach as we learn more.


  1. OPENING HOURS: – 08h30 to 17h00
  2. WHAT IS NO LONGER ON OFFER:  – Foragers Deck, Deli Takeout, Coffee Station & The Hub Cafe 
  3. WHAT IS STILL ON OFFER: – Foragers Shop WILL remain open as long as our supply chain stays in tact. We will continue to offer the same quality range of produce BUT with greater focus on basic foods. We will continue to offer home cooked meals BUT with special attention paid to a range of nourishing and immune supporting foods.  
  4. WHAT’S NEW – By the end of today, you can place a food order on line, pay via EFT and collect from the coffee bar collection station. (Within a few day all products we offer will be available online)
  5. WHAT’S NOT CLEAR YET – We know restaurants cannot deliver food but its unclear as to whether shelf items can be delivered. We will get back to you with greater clarity later. 
  6. COMMUNICATIONS – We have created an ADMIN only WhatsApp group called Hubbers initially built with our Loyalty Card Customers BUT adding anyone on request. We will use this to keep you posted on what’s available or not. 
  7. COMMUNICATION  : You can communicate with us using :

EMAIL: infovillagehub@gmail.com 

LANDLINE: 0217801047

CELL: 0713425210

http://Shop.thevillagehub.co.za for online ordering and free delivery in Scarborough