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Ethical Meats, Scarborough, Shopping

Wide selection of free range meat and game.  If you’d like to order, you can do so online at .  Orders close on a Mondays midnight and will be ready for collection on Thursdays between 5-7.

If you do order, please add my number 082 752 4030 to your contact in order to receive a WhatsApp pick up reminder notification on Thursday.

In light of Corona virus, all meat comes vacuum sealed and is sanitized on site at the butchery.  Once it is delivered, I too sanitize each and every item before collection.

All meat is traceable to source and absolutely delicious. Time for lean logic to apply, so, please have a look at the Boerewors and sausages, Beef and game biltong and droewors etc. as these are VERY well priced and by far the best you’ll ever taste.  All minced beef products contain no gluten, fillers or gristle and is spiced with non-irradiated spices.